2016 Kia Soul from Rio Rancho Nearby Dealerships: Urban Eye-catcher

In a sea of unremarkable vehicles trudging through city streets, the 2016 Kia Soul offers a fashionable way to stand out. Its unique, boxy profile is sure to make you the talk of the town. Not only does it boast a memorable style, but the Soul also capitalizes on its clever design to give you an efficient, refined ride that still manages to remain competitively priced.

Unforgettable Style

Go on, take a good, long look— notice how the roof seems to float toward the back over a darkened greenhouse. Observe how the snub-nosed front end utilizes bug-eye headlights, while the rear end turns heads with its tall tail lamps. Wheels are pushed to all four corners. There’s even an available Panoramic Sunroof to make your ride a real treat. The Soul’s boxy contours enhanced by distinctive design elements are edgy and one of a kind, and if you love cars that make a statement, this one is definitely for you.

A Fun Vibe Inside

Enter the Soul, and you’ll realize that your comfort and enjoyment was at the forefront of styling the interiors. It’s generous with space, with enough room to sit five adults comfortably while still leaving space for cargo. Fold the rear seats, and you instantly have even more room for everything you need to transport. Details like pulsating speaker lights and available Nappa leather seating highlight the sophisticated yet fun vibe of this Kia creation.

The expressive 2016 Kia Soul is an undeniable standout in the crowded urban jungle. Have a chat with Kia dealerships serving Rio Rancho to learn more.


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