2016 Kia Cadenza from Santa Fe Nearby Dealers Delivers the Whole Package

For those looking for a solid everyday sedan, the 2016 Kia Cadenza should be on top of their list. While it doesn’t claim to be a luxury car, those with high expectations for their daily driver would realize that this should do the job. From its powerful engine down to the plush interior that’s generous with its features, the Cadenza is one of the cars to beat in its class.


For a large sedan, you will find the Cadenza to be quick and responsive. Not only does it house a 3.3L V-6 that can produce 293 horsepower and 255-lb.-ft, but it’s also a new generation, direct-injected powerhouse with dual-continuous valve timing. Handling and steering is overall relaxed, and at parking speeds, you should discover it very easy to guide into place. Better yet, the Cadenza is athletic enough to handle twist and turns with its strong brakes. In all, it provides a rewarding experience behind the wheel whether you’re living it up in town or taking your time at the back roads.


There is a focus on smooth performance, but the interiors make it clear that your comfort and pleasure is very much at the forefront of the design. The cabin is plush, modern, and loaded with features that put your convenience first such as an 8-inch touch screen and an Infinity audio system. Options abound, some of which are adaptive cruise control and xenon headlights.

If you see yourself in a 2016 Cadenza, consider visiting Kia dealerships serving Santa Fe to learn more about this great car.


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