The 2016 KIA Forte from Dealerships Serving Rio Rancho: Experience the Glory

New is not always better, but with the 2016 KIA Forte, it definitely is. WIth a lavish and feature-rich interior and exemplary exterior, the 2016 KIA Forte makes a statement to fulfill its users’ needs. The exterior comes equipped with front LED positioning lights that provide a crisp and clear view during the darkest times.

Similarly, the pocket lights in the door handle and the perimeter approach lighting illuminates the locks in dark. The rear LED combination lamps not only add to the beauty but also gives great views at the rear. Overall, the 2016 KIA Forte has great curb appeal while adding functional features to the exterior.

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 KIA Forte offers two engine options. The first is the base 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 33 mpg on highway roads and 25 mpg on city roads. Similarly, the upsize 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine provides 22 mpg for city roads and 27 mpg for highway roads. Both the engine are highly fuel efficient yet powerful. Users also get to choose between a six-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual transmission.

High-Tech Interior

The interior of the 2016 KIA Forte demonstrates excellence of engineering. Ventilated seats ensure that passengers and drivers can heat or cool the seats during winter and summer for maximum comfort. The steering wheel mounted controls allow the driver to comfortably control all the peripherals.

Experience the 2016 Forte from Kia dealerships serving Rio Rancho today.


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