The 2016 Kia Sportage in Albuquerque: Kia’s Reliable SUV

The road is a dangerous place, which is why it is important to have a safe, reliable vehicle. This is what you get with the new Kia Sportage. A lot of time and attention have been put into this SUV, which is noticeable both on the exterior and interior.

Safety Packages

The dual front seat-mounted side airbags provide passengers with maximum protection during potential accidents. Anti-lock brakes are convenient to have when you make stops quickly. With traction control system, wheel spin is accounted for to prevent you from losing control of the new Sportage. Hill start assist control is another nice safety feature to have, which automatically applies the brakes if you are traveling uphill.

Side-impact door beams help minimize damage from different collisions, and rear child-safety door locks prevent children from opening the door while the vehicle is in motion.

Varied Accessory Options

There are also lots of accessories that can be equipped to the 2016 Kia Sportage. Wheel locks prevent people from stealing your premium wheels and rims, and sport visors can be equipped to prevent the sun’s glare from being a problem while you are on the road. If you opt for the hood protector, you can protect the front end of your SUV from things like scratches and scuffs.

All-weather floor mats are standard with any model, which are designed to hold up in any type of environment. Cargo nets can be set up in the back to hold personal possessions in place. If you test drive this Kia at an Albuquerque dealership, you can talk to a representative to see what other accessories you can add.


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