The 2016 Kia Cadenza from a Dealership near Santa Fe: Strikingly Sophisticated

Having a luxury car today gives you access to all sorts of amenities. You get quality rides with the 2016 Kia Cadenza, a modern SUV that has a sleek exterior body. The vehicle is well-equipped to handle any task, whether you are commuting to work or picking some friends up for a fun night out on the town.

Striking Interior

There are so many selling points for this car’s interior. A panoramic sunroof lets you enjoy the cool breeze and see some incredible things at night. Using this sunroof is easy because it is powered by a motor.

The dashboard in the front is made from premium materials that hold up for a long time. The cabin is spacious and the seats are made from Nappa leather. Bucket seats are incorporated in the front to give the driver and passenger a comfortable drive for hours. Heated seats help every passenger stay warm during the cooler days of the year.

Tech Features

You get user-friendly driving experiences with the 2016 Kia Cadenza because of all of its tech features. The 8-inch LCD monitor at the front is easy to use, thanks to its touchscreen design. It is also voice-activated, so you can drive safely. Bluetooth data lets you quickly sync your phone up with the Kia’s system, and you can make calls hands-free to improve your focus while driving.

Think you can handle this modern 2016 Kia Cadenza? See if you can by making your way to a Kia dealership near Santa Fe.


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