The 2016 Kia Rio from Dealerships near Santa Fe, NM: Peace of Mind on the Road

When you drive a 2016 Kia Rio in and around Santa Fe, NM, you’re not just getting a comfortable vehicle, you’ll also enjoy a safe one. With a wide range of technologies designed to keep you and your passengers safe during drives, very few vehicles can provide the peace of mind that the latest Rio offers, something which Kia dealerships serving Santa Fe, NM will readily attest to.

State-of-the-Art Airbags from the 2016 Kia Rio from Santa Fe, NM

While airbags are standard safety features in all vehicles these days, many car manufacturers are content with including just two at the driver and passenger seats. However, Kia understands that protecting your passengers in the rear seat is just as important. As such, the 2016 Kia Rio near Santa Fe, NM has full-length side curtain airbags that protect passengers in the event of a collision or rollover.–nm-peace-of-mind-on-the-road.htm


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