The 2017 Kia Cadenza from Albuquerque, NM Kia Dealerships: The Affordable Luxury Sedan

When you hear the words “luxury sedan,” the image of a weighty price tag would usually pop to mind. Why not? The very definition of luxury, as stated in the dictionary, is a state of extravagance. It follows that spending a lot of money on one thing is an expression of luxury.

However, the 2017 Cadenza, introduced by Albuquerque, NM Kia dealerships a couple of months ago, shatters the common association of price with luxury. The new Cadenza stands out as the only luxury flagship model to merge affordability with luxury—a middle-class American’s dream car. Despite its affordability compared to other luxury sedans, its quality and performance go uncompromised. Read more on this article:


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