A Kia Dealership in Albuquerque Offers the 2017 Sorento: A Car for the Safety Conscious


The 2017 Kia Sorento is like the Goldilocks of the crossover SUV market. With its stunning looks, bucket loads of features, and Kia’s incredible warranty, the Sorento excels and nudges ever closer to being the new class leader. In fact, since the Kia Sorento was introduced to Kia’s line-up over a decade ago, it has been a shining beacon of light when it comes to safety. It’s just right for consumers.

Active Control

The 2017 Kia Sorento comes with a triple threat of features that help it stay on the road and give you control when you need it most. The first is Electronic Stability Control, which keeps you on course, the second is the Traction Control System, which helps to avoid wheel spin, and the third is Cornering Brake Control, which keeps you on track in the bends. These three technologies work in perfect harmony to give you full control over the road.

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